A letter to my angry self

Cza / December 12, 2017

You’ve been forewarned! This blog post is going to get really personal, and refer to some of my personal struggles. I believe that by letting these out in the open, people I meet and would like to be friends with will get a bit more insight on who I am deep inside. I often struggle with thoughts of not being…

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Unicorn barf from Catabolic Cafe~ Happy Sunday!

Cza / December 10, 2017

Sorry, the title was all Jared’s fault. 😛 The yummy rainbow cake pictured below is from Catabolic Cafe in Malingap St., near Maginhawa, QC. His first comment? “Unicorn barf!” ~insert virtual photo of me shaking my head while internally rofl’ing~ I wouldn’t call my site a food blog. However, since we love food, I thought I’d feature some of the…

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#HemoGirlfriend, Journaling, Life

Self-care break

Cza / December 7, 2017

Yesterday I took a self-care break, as I was feeling really overwhelmed by things. The day started out okay. Right after waking, Jared and I were intimate. I felt connected. I was still a little groggy, but I managed to get up. (Context: I’m no morning person. It’s usually a challenge to get out me out of bed — one…

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Crystals and Contradictions

Cza / December 4, 2017

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Tonight I had this idea of making hand-lettered / sketch-filled pages with which to advertise some of the crystals we’re selling on our tiny Instagram shop (which Jared and I keep as a sideline). It’s funny that we should sell crystals, considering our educational backgrounds. I went to a science high school, and he graduated…

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Bujo (Bullet Journal) Update: November 2017

Cza / December 1, 2017

I’m relatively new to (consistent) Bujo, or bullet journaling. I remember I was still in college when I last attempted to maintain a tracker. This November, I finally decided to track my activities and habits again. The previous months have been challenging, and admittedly I’ve felt unhealthy in on/off bouts. Currently, I’m still in the process of testing layouts for…

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