My name is Alliah Czarielle, or simply Cza. I’m in my early (going on mid-) twenties, and I work as a professional writer in a small office in Greenhills. I have a modest collection of fountain pens and like to actually use them, so I decided to get into lettering, journaling, and other artsy stuff. I’m currently aiming to get a Traveler’s Notebook (got one already!) and a Fujifilm XA10 + grape Instax for my #AnalogLife note-taking and life-tracking.

Occasionally, I like to try my hand at watercolor (still not very skilled yet). My sweet partner Jared also gave me an awesome Speedball set so I’ve put pen-and-ink calligraphy in my to-do list as well. I sometimes need to be reminded that crafting is both a process and a journey.

When I’m not doing artsy stuff (or daydreaming about it), Jared and I are usually out trying food, or inside our kitchen whipping up recipes from all over the world. Most nights after work, we head straight to the gym and pump iron. 😉

Among my goals are to travel more, and to be able to work on my own time. 🙂

What’s up with this site?

Through this site, I simply hope that in little ways I might be able to inspire my readers to enjoy life, find a lifestyle that highlights the things that make them happy, and to bloom amidst adversity.

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