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Bujo (Bullet Journal) Update: November 2017

I’m relatively new to (consistent) Bujo, or bullet journaling. I remember I was still in college when I last attempted to maintain a tracker. This November, I finally decided to track my activities and habits again. The previous months have been challenging, and admittedly I’ve felt unhealthy in on/off bouts.

Currently, I’m still in the process of testing layouts for my bullet journal, and figuring out what works for me. So far, I’ve realized that the best to learn bullet journaling is to actually do it. Of course, outside inspiration helps, and so do opinions from other members of the bullet journal community (who have been doing this much longer than I). My favorite sources of inspiration: other blogs, Buzzfeed entries, and Instagram accounts.

Now that November is over (hello, December!) I’d like to share with you my tracker, and what I’ve realized from tracking some important statistics over the course of last month (or half of it, rather, since I started on the 13th).


  1. Realization #1: I’m in a LOT of sleep debt. I had a few sleepless nights during (and after) Jared’s hospital confinement. It took a while for me to recover — good thing we decided to take the rest of the week off. Then Sunday came along and I had a very painful period. My work situation has also contributed a lot to my difficulty sleeping. I can confidently say I’ve been doing much better that I was a few months back (September was the worst!) — my self-esteem was down and I was feeling legitimately depressed. I still feel some residue from that, and I need to sort out these leftover feels. I saw a quote recently that I happen to agree with:

    “You never lose your demons, you simply learn to live above them (Doctor Strange).”

    I’m currently learning, and I hope and pray the process continuous smoothly.

  2. Realization #2: I haven’t worked out in a month! This is expected, since we didn’t renew our gym memberships this November. We’ll be checking out the local gym’s schedules to see if they’ll be open during crucial times this December, since we’re quite sure there will be lots of holidays (people will want to be celebrating with their families, of course). We’ve been thinking maybe January would be more a more economical date to subscribe.
  3. I haven’t been tracking enough. Maybe it’s me feeling too lazy sometimes to take out my notebook — what’s a few minutes to remove my TN from its cloth bag, and open up to the page where I’m tracking? I enjoy journaling, anyway. 🙂

Bujo Improvements

Bujo-wise, I’m more or less happy with my format, but here are a few things I’d like to execute / keep in mind for the next tracker:

  • Be more specific about coffee intake
  • Set a goal for sugar intake instead of just specifying whether I ate sugar or not
  • Set a goal for fruit/veg intake so I’ll actually be encouraged to eat more of these
  • Incorporate some goals related to business (2018 Goal: Begin!)
  • Make a list of books to read

Your Thoughts

What format do you have for your tracker? What habits / aspects of your life are you tracking, and why? What have been your reflections so far, or directions for change?

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