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Traveler’s Notebook plans (and some jewelry rants)

Lately I’ve been looking into getting a Traveler’s Notebook for journaling and work purposes. The Daycraft Signature Series notebook I use on a regular basis is running out of paper fast, and I feel like bringing back the journaling habit. That includes bullet journaling, or “bujo,” for which I’m going to need dotted inserts. I’m not sure if Midori sells dotted inserts — if not, I’m thinking I might try getting one from a local seller.

Speaking of local sellers, I’ve also been browsing local leather artisans’ Instagram profiles in search of a good alternative to the Midori TN — since they’re quite expensive, as we know. 🙂 It’s not a lot, but when I think of the amount in terms of the appreciating investments I could buy and the wisdom tooth I need pulled from my mouth, I still feel reluctant to put down the cash for that regular-size Camel 2018 diary pack (with FREE charm!) that’s been teasing me for the past week. Granted, the Midori TN is a leather notebook, and it will get better as it ages (precisely the reason it appealed to me). And the things you could put in it are priceless — hey, words are jewels. 🙂

So I chanced upon the Instagram profile of a maker named @love.mrsp:

Her bio states that she’s from Paranaque City and she makes excellent-looking leather goods!

Check out this one:

It’s so tiny it took my breath away.

After we exchanged a few messages last night (she seemed really nice) — I’m now strongly considering getting her alternative TN. She has a lot posted on her Instagram, and I honestly can’t decide on a design since there are a lot. 🙂

She has Happy Planner covers too and I really love ’em! Perfect if I choose to order an A5 notebook instead. Hmm…

Her traveler’s notebooks come with two free charms too (wow!) and the selection she showed me was really cute, and for me, that’s a sell!

We’ll see at the end of the month (hehe), since I’m pretty broke now paying for all the stuff I did lay-aways for. Why? Because lately I’ve also got the jewelry bug — somehow, I’ve managed to order two bracelets, a pendant, and now I’m thinking of getting these pretty pieces.

Leaf ring!


The first one’s a ring in leaf design (and it’s perfect for my style — I love florals and natural designs!) and the second one is a soft woven mesh bangle in rose gold. ROSE. GOLD.

PINK! Woooh.

And yesterday I saw these dolphin earrings in one of my trusted stores. (Not pictured, because I don’t have a clear enough photo that sufficiently shows its cuteness.)

The thing is, all of these are fine jewelry — it’s as if I’m not going to run out of money 😛 I guess it’s a family thing, this interest in accessories that double up as long-term investments. Got it from my dad and aunt. Of course, there’s the thought that I shouldn’t be buying too much; otherwise, what’s the point of investing? LOL.

Besides, I got a traveler’s notebook to buy! 😀

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