Crystals and Contradictions

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Tonight I had this idea of making hand-lettered / sketch-filled pages with which to advertise some of the crystals we’re selling on our tiny Instagram shop (which Jared and I keep as a sideline).

It’s funny that we should sell crystals, considering our educational backgrounds. I went to a science high school, and he graduated college with a bachelor of science degree. Quite a contradiction, eh?

Crystals have this “new-age” stigma associated with them, and in my experience it’s very difficult to get rid of that when you try to introduce them to the market. There are few paths you can take in attempting to sell:

  1. Present them as “meaningful gifts to your loved ones.” However, this may ultimately reduce them to novelties.
  2. Sell them as collector’s items. In this case, your items have to be pretty, rare, and expensive.
  3. Just sell them as pretty jewelry.

But we love crystals, and I actually find calm in them. Not only are they pieces of beauty — with each crystal bearing a unique piece of the earth from which it originated — but they are also full of meaning.

Who knows what they actually do? Why so quick to call them out as bullshit? It might just be my philosophical leaning, but I really believe in the potential of things to be much greater than they may seem to us. We’re just human beings. Both our knowledge, and our attempts at producing knowledge, are limited. At no point can we ever say we know everything.

And there goes our rationale for selling crystals. 😁

Note: We don’t advocate using crystals as a primary means of healing. As a couple consisting partially of a PWD who constantly sees doctors to maintain his health, we consider it part of our responsibility to inform you that crystals merely enhance our lives. Please make it a point to see a trained medical professional first for your health concerns.

Admittedly, we’re still working on our marketing thrust for sales. I’ve been experimenting on various ways to present our crystals. In the height of my dedication (and I believe it is still there), I even bought (or to be more accurate — loaned) a camera. Jared was ever so supportive. Likewise, I’ve vowed to be a more supportive partner and encourage his passion for music as well — particularly the piano.

Our crystal shop

Visit our humble online crystal shop on Instagram: @borealiscrystals

Tonight’s supermoon

On a slightly unrelated note, allow me to close this blog post of a photo from the 3rd floor during the December 4 supermoon.

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