One huge check off my To-Do List!

Hello! It’s been a while. 🙂

So, how exactly do I begin? I’ve been blogging since I was in high school, and for much of my college life I’ve aspired to get back in the writing grind. Now that I’m a working girl, life has given me a host of new challenges to face — can’t say it’s been easy juggling work (speaking of which, I gotta continue editing these training manuals and coordinator’s guides), the small crystals-and-gemstones business Jared and I run, and my role as a chronic illness advocate — but I’m still here, still finding reasons to smile, and hoping to make other people smile, too!

Today I finally managed to check one long-standing list item off my virtual to-do list: get my blog back up! 😀

I figured I was giving myself a hard time by insisting on giving my site a custom look, when in fact I had forgotten how to make WordPress themes long, long ago. I could re-learn it, as I’ve been doing lately. However, as it turns out with my job and all, I don’t really have time — and hey, a woman’s gotta earn (and live!)

So, here’s to this new blog. I hope I remember to pay my monthly hosting on time.

Soon, I plan on uploading snippets of my everyday life, photos of my journal pages, thoughts on social issues and my advocacies, plus the occasional rambling about about my hobbies, gym progress, cool products, etc. 🙂

I hope that in little ways I might be able to inspire my readers to enjoy life, find a lifestyle that highlights the things that make them happy, and to bloom amidst adversity.


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