Embarking on a new trial project with Personalized Gemstone Rings

We’ve launched a new project line: personalized gemstone rings!

As you may know, Jared and I have been selling crystal jewelry online for almost a year now. 🙂 We call our store Borealis Crystals on both Facebook and Instagram.

We’ve decided to upgrade our product line with bespoke personalized rings made of authentic gemstones set in precious metals. You can personalize your own rings — feel free to send us some photos of your inspiration on Instagram, and we’ll execute it according to your liking (and using the gem you want), in your own choice of metal. You can choose among silver or rose/white/yellow gold (10k-18k).

Alternatively, you may choose your own design from our pre-mades, or have us design something for you.

Check out our frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) on Facebook.

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