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Self-care break

Cza / December 7, 2017

Yesterday I took a self-care break, as I was feeling really overwhelmed by things. The day started out okay. Right after waking, Jared and I were intimate. I felt connected. I was still a little groggy, but I managed to get up. (Context: I’m no morning person. It’s usually a challenge to get out me out of bed — one…

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#HemoGirlfriend, Life

Lessons learned from the school of life

Cza / November 18, 2017

I honestly feel like a whole different person while I’m writing this. While yes, I am my old self, carrying my past experiences, I feel like I have aged several years in the span of a few days, due to a single incident that involved my partner’s physical health. What happened was an accident. There is no need to worry…

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