#KnowingLove: Fun Facts About Us!

Hello! We are Jared and Cza, your resident weirdo couple. 🤪 We’re doing this challenge inspired by #TheOliverias / @treszkaoliveria: Knowing Love: Fun Facts about Us! Each of us wrote 10 facts about the other person, and finally both of us wrote 10 facts about us as a couple. Enjoy!

The Rules of the Challenge

Okay guys, let’s play a game of tag! Post a picture of your partner or a picture of you guys together on instagram. Share 5 fun facts about your partner and 5 fun facts about your relationship. Tag all of your favorite couples. You can use #KnowingLove.

— The Oliverias

10 Fun Facts About Cza

  1. She ABSOLUTELY LOVES FURRY THINGS. I no longer consider my room a “boy’s room” because of all the furry jackets (3 in total), blankets (too many to count), slippers (a pair), stuffed toys (too many to count) and even PILLOW CASES (a set of 4) made of fur. She has three handbags and each one of them has a very thick, hairy fur ball as an accessory.
  2. Her favorite room in the house is the toilet. I guess she likes the alone time. It’s either that or she eats waaaay too many bananas
  3. The first time I met her, I thought she’d be my mortal enemy 😑
  4. She’s a pen enthusiast. I mean PENS, that’s no typo.
  5. She’s an aspiring baker, crafter and mom and pop shop kind of girl.
  6. She’s like my mom in the sense that she forces me to eat my vegetables
  7. I don’t go to the barber anymore. She shaves my head on demand.
  8. She’s already very proud of her tita-ness as early as age 23/24
  9. She disdains chicken skin—funner fact! Our boss found out about this and asked “What the f*ck are you?!”
  10. I’ve never met anyone as unique, loving, dedicated and caring as her. 😊

10 Fun Facts About Jared

  1. The first time he told me he loved me was in the middle of a seizure (during our first date!) He claims he didn’t know about it — but he totally said it again just a few days later, hehe.
  2. He loves food, nearly all kinds of food (except Filipino food — he’s picky with that), but he’s not a very big fan of drinks. If we decide to order at a restaurant, he will order LOTS of food but will often skip the drinks and just have water. (Oh, but he does enjoy the occasional cup of Gong Cha, Zagu, or Fruitas)
  3. He ADORES food that will set his innards on fire — and he’s crazy over spices in general. Ask him about uncommon herbs and spices and he’ll be able to tell you what they taste like, and what cuisine they’re typically used for. He’s a total food/kitchen geek, always enjoying the process of whipping up tasty delicacies from scratch.
  4. His diet may be like Joey’s (from FRIENDS), but his personality is like Chandler’s. Both of them have a caustic sense of humor! Yup, Jared’s got a bit of a harsh tongue, but inside I’ve never met anyone as gentle (he loves hugging my furry stuffed toys and totally spoils me with them every so often!)
  5. Do I even have to say that he loves FRIENDS? For Jared, it’s FRIENDS over How I Met Your Mother or any other sitcom, anytime.
  6. His music preferences are a bit Tito. He says he’s long past his “millennial electro/house music phase” and now he’s more into 70s rock, British Invasion, and jazz. We listen to never-ending jazz playlists every night and I couldn’t be more thankful he downloaded those tracks. I’ve suffered from insomnia practically all my life, and the soft music really helps me sleep.
  7. His fashion sense is very Tito as well. Think long-sleeved button-down shirts, a mesh belt, dark denim jeans, and leather brogues or boots. Oh, and he’s a total jean-head! In fact, he’d rather freeze his jeans than have them washed.
  8. HE HAS THE LOUDEST BURPS IN OUR OFFICE. (We work together, hehe.) One time he randomly let out a burp at the office, and our boss screamed “Excuse Me!” to him… from the other room!
  9. He’s never cheated on me. Except for a few incidents — WHEN HE WANTED TO GIVE ME GIFTS BUT DIDN’T WANT ME TO FIND OUT. Sooo stealthy! (I forgive him though — I have to admit his gifts blew me away, and A++++ for the effort. He’s a true person for others. I’ve never met anyone as genuine as he is, who also happens to be so loving, caring and service-oriented. He’s rarely disappointed because something bad happened to him, but he does get frustrated when bad things happen to other people, and especially when he can’t do anything about it. He’s truly one of the most selfless people I’ve met and I’m blessed to have him in my life. ☺️

10 Fun Facts About Us

  1. We do each other’s hair. He colors my hair, while I (Cza) shave his head.
  2. We’re both gym people. We’ve been working out regularly since a few months after we started dating.
  3. We’re both suckers for anime that make us cry (or laugh out loud).
  4. We’re each other’s MBTI mirrors! I’m ENFP, he’s INFJ. We’re both sensitive little panda bears. 🐼
  5. We met in a very controversial way (which we will get into at a later date). Long story short, I questioned his existence, while he disdained my presence.
  6. We absolutely love wreaking havoc in the kitchen. He owns the stove; I own the oven. Our repertoire includes Japanese, Thai, Middle Eastern and Italian food (sadly no Filipino)
  7. We’re both scared of showing our true colors in real life because of our shady and controversial preferences, love of discussing sensitive topics and issues, and basically our overall weirdness
  8. A typical date for us consists of a four-hour-long conversation or even debate about people and modern society. Once, we woke up at 8am and conversed until 4pm without realizing it.
  9. I’m the slob and he’s the neat freak.
  10.  Since I apparently love sleeping diagonally, I end up kicking him out of bed (and he has to roll me back to my place). And the best part of it is he still hugs me! 😀

The inspiration for this post came from Treszka of The Oliverias. Thanks so much, Treszka! We had fun! 😀

Here’s a link to their original post: Knowing Love: Fun Facts About Us

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