UPDATE: “The Mighty” Published My/Our Story!

I’m overjoyed today! Guess why? The Mighty published my/our story! I cannot be more grateful to have been given this opportunity to share our life experiences, that hopefully others might be able to learn from. 🙂

We were trying to be Chandler and Monica for Halloween in this picture. 😛

The Mighty is one of my favorite sites about chronic illness, and it actually served as a cornerstone for my undergraduate thesis. I had aimed to conceptualize a sharing platform for chronically ill Filipino youths, which I modeled after it. 🙂

Here’s a link to the original blog post. In this post, I wrote about Jared’s accident and what we had to go through after it happened.

It was a struggle. His lip was broken, and as a result, he couldn’t talk or eat properly — let alone laugh or smile. Whenever we watched a happy show, what was supposed to be a transient joyful experience became clouded with anxiety. He couldn’t laugh too hard, or the stitches might pop.

The accident was one of the biggest trials we’ve faced together thus far — but we overcame it, and we can’t be happier now.

This experience showed us once again that trials are a part of life. However, what we do about them is our choice. We can choose to complain, or we can choose to learn from them and let the lessons change us for better.

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Jared says: We’re always happy to share our stor(ies) for the sake of awareness. We hope that when people read them, they will come to understand chronic illnesses better, as well the people who have them. 🙂

Learn more about Jared’s medical conditions (Severe Hemophilia B & Epilepsy) here.

Follow our partnership journey here 🙂

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