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Sleep Tracking with my Traveler’s Notebook (Yumi Grid Insert)

I’ve always suffered from far-from-perfect sleeping habits. I still vividly recall being three years old and awake at 12 midnight because I thought of a random song or poem. I remember how the ornate black hands of our gold-painted wall clock looked like during those hours. Now, two decades later, I should know better — no poem is supposedly worth losing even an hour of sleep over. But that’s just my practical side talking, and you should know that practicality isn’t exactly my first resort. I can come up with a potential “good” idea and not realize I’ve been awake past midnight. I can’t help but bask in the immaculate thrill of accomplishment — that is, until I wake up the next day crippled with brain fog.

The Sleep Foundation recommends that adults get 7-8 hours of quality sleep each night. (Most of the time, I get 4 or 5.)

As a teenager, I was frequently sleep-deprived (science high school, can you hear me?) So now my body seems to be making up for it in two ways —

  1. Craving caffeine — my fault, of course, for having started the habit
  2. Believing that it needs to make up for all the lost sleep. Therefore, I would often tired and sluggish in the mornings, only to be jolted awake by a cup of strong brewed coffee (the key to getting me to function, tbh).

How, then, do I cultivate healthier sleeping habits? That is a question for which I have long sought an answer.

After seeing all these journals with trackers and charts, I’ve decided to commit to tracking my sleep.

The Yumi grid insert in my Traveler’s Notebook is just perfect for this purpose. I’ve done a similar tracker during one of my Bujo trials on a different notebook (a dot grid notebook from Japan), however, that one was incorporated into a bigger, global tracker. This one is more specific to sleep.

I actually adapted this tracker format from another crafter’s work (I will post her name here when I remember!) with permission. Hers included a water tracker as well. I wish I could include one in mine, but I don’t think I’d be able to keep up with that. (Guess I’m just thankful I’m seated close the water dispenser at work, so water is literally an arm’s reach away. Not a guarantee I’ll drink, I admit — but still effective at upping the probability. :p)

So far, two days in. First entry was bad, really bad! I hate to admit that I’ve had lots of nights like this lately. So if anyone has been wondering what’s up with me… I’ll tell you, this is (one of the things) I struggle with.

I’ll write an update after one week, two weeks — down to one month of keeping track of my sleep habits. Let’s see how it goes — and if this tracker would be helpful by any means!

Week 1 Update

It’s been nine days, and so far Week 1 has been looking good. 🙂 I must admit I struggled at first. Jared and I even had a disagreement about my waking up late and habitual tardiness. We’ve taken steps to resolve that, so things are all well again. 🙂 I’ve been sleeping better now, more or less on time, and for 7-8 hours each day (9 hours when I sleep in during weekends). Jared’s in a jazz music phase at the moment, so lately we’ve been falling asleep to smooth piano jazz tracks playing nonstop for the entire night. So far I owe most of my success falling asleep (and staying asleep for much of the night) to that. My mom and dad used to tell me that when I was a baby, I needed to have music playing in the background in order to fall asleep. Whenever the music stopped, I’d instantly wake up and launch into a major infant rage.

I can say things are now looking up in the sleep department — I’m really hoping I get to fill my notebook with more green (my bujo code for healthy sleep) as the days pass. 😀

Note: My site underwent a server update while this post was up, and as a result I lost some of my files. Apologies if some of my links are broken, or some pictures aren’t here. I’m doing my best to re-upload everything that may have gone missing — still in the process of identifying what these are. 🙂

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