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Almost holidays (and Stranger Things)

It’s almost the holiday season! Like we heard on Monster Radio (our favorite jam for the early morning drive to the office), time flies by so fast, and November is like a downwards slide to holiday season. It’s almost as if nobody wants to do anything anymore, because it starts with a holiday (All Saints Day and All Souls Day), and before you know it, it’s Christmastime! Here in the Philippines, Christmas begins when the “-ber” months come rolling around, so it’s not at all strange to see buildings adorned with Christmas decor as early as September. Don’t even mention the carols on the radio!

But for now, Halloween! 🎃 In the spirit of the season, Jared and I went to the office dressed as Monica and Chandler.

Monica and Chandler inspiration 🙂

We had an idea to dress like our two bosses, but we thought that might be offensive, so we just went with FRIENDS, since the 90s are close to the 80s, and we had just spent the weekend marathoning one of our favorite Netflix series…

Yesterday, Jared and I spent all day watching Stranger Things Season 2. Suffice to say it was epic! I missed the kids — nerds, like I myself was in elementary and high school — especially Eleven and her Eggos! Some advertising the whole series must have been for Kellogg’s, the company that makes them. (I wonder how much they paid the producers to make it El’s favorite brand?) 😮 Since we live in the Philippines, we’ve never tried Eggos, nor have we even seen them in supermarkets — so we wonder what they must taste like. Anyone got an idea? 😛

Once again, we saw the paranoid-but-loving mom Joyce (whose intuitiveness I could absolutely relate to). And finally (spoiler alert!) a decent love team finally emerged, hehe. Not saying who!

The Demogorgon!

As for the creatures in the Upside Down World, I thought they got much scarier in season 2. The Demogorgons were freaky — they reminded me of the flowers in that 90s game, Zeek the Geek, on steroids. Reptilian flowers, that is. Jared thought they looked like Pennywise from the movie “It.”

zeek the geek
A game of Zeek the Geek. You had to avoid those pink “killer” flowers.

We also had an R-18 interpretation of the Demogorgons, all slimy and dripping… period blood when they killed 😉 Jared, silly him, thought they were cute (wtf?)

They were really scary in the movie though. I almost went to bed thinking about them wandering the city. Thankfully, I had better dreams…

Before I close, I’d like to share that Starbucks is releasing their 2018 planner soon! They usually do so during the holiday season, and oh boy am I excited!

Image source:

The new planner looks both fancy and functional with a leather sleeve, and I believe it’s about time. The cloth sleeves were not very protective, and the old planners easily got dirty. The card that comes free with the planner is also beautiful — love the colors!

It may seem ironic that I’m sharing this even though, as of now, I have no plans of getting one. I love the look of the card, and I would have liked to keep one in my wallet (if only I went to Starbucks more often). Jared’s not a big fan of cafes — to an extent, I am, but admittedly, keeping up a cafe habit is not something I can afford to do. Besides, the office has free-flowing coffee — and who doesn’t want free brewed coffee, even the sort that comes from a coffee press? 😀

As much as I would like to have a planner, I feel that a Traveler’s Notebook might suit my lifestyle better. I prefer having a bit of flexibility when I plan, governed by just a bit of structure, perhaps a dot grid. I’m actually checking out one later at Scribe Megamall later, huzzah!

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