Off to Tanza today!

The long weekend is finally here! Today we go to Tanza, Cavite!

Bayan ng Tanza.

I’m excited, because this is also the first time Jared is coming with me on a trip for more than one day. 🙂

We’ll be doing a two-nights, three-days staycation at the Tanza Oasis hotel and resort. My family goes there almost every Christmas (practically every time we have get-togethers) and I always look forward to our stay. The rooms are clean, the general ambience is relaxing, and do I mention the swimming pool has three giant slides?

The three giant slides are hidden strategically behind the false rock formation. (Credits to the Tanza Oasis website)

I’m also a beach person, which makes me love the fact that the resort provides access to the beach. I can’t wait to take pictures and swim, swim, swim! 😀

I really wish I could’ve bought an Instax before this trip, but no moneyz (yet). *weep* :'( Hopefully on the next trip, for my #AnalogLife project — in which I intend to record my most special memories on paper rather than just digitally.

Nevertheless, I’m taking my Traveler’s Notebook along with me. At last, it goes traveling for real!

Last night I finished a November tracker (bujo-ing quite a bit):

Here’s my Traveler’s Notebook configuration for this trip:

Jared had the excellent idea of putting clips to fasten the sides together. Earlier I discovered that the clips left markings on the leather. I thought it was a good idea to get the notebook to age better. 🙂

Before we leave, I’ll pack a mechanical pencil, eraser, my Zig ballpoint pen (which has brown ink), and some fountain pens that I can sketch with. (I’m hoping for a Prismacolor set soon, so it would be easier to color — and maybe some stamps, too, inspired by the journaling groups I marathon-joined. Fingers crossed! *sigh* Why are art supplies so expensive?)

I wonder what I can create during this short vacation?

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