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#JournalOfTheDay: Essentials

Another day at work today! I’m so happy because the binder clips I ordered from Scribe have finally arrived!

They’re rose gold skeleton clips from “Tools To Live By,” a Taiwanese stationery brand. (Check out their website — it’s super aesthetic. I can hear the graphic-designer-slash-artist-wannabe inside of me screaming.) They have binder clips in bulldog clip and wire clip designs, super aesthetic storage solutions from bags to desk essentials, and even carry Kaweco fountain pens.

Arrived yesterday from! Yay! ☺️ #binderclip #toolstoliveby

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I absolutely adore how they’re packaged in a simple brown bag with foil lettering for a label. The label says “Binder clip 32,” referring to their size of 32 cm. They’re available in 19cm, 32cm, and 51cm variants. I’m glad I ordered the 32cm, though, as they’re just the right size for my regular Traveler’s Notebook.

The clip does its job and looks super cute.


Here’s what my journaling stuff for today looks like:


On another note: I finally wore shorts to the office today! I feel like myself again HAHA. I’ve gotten used to wearing pants lately, but I still can’t help but find them a little… restricting. Ironically, I want to purchase some Levis Denims or shaping jeans.

(Sorry about the background — that’s just what the back-room of the office looks like. I stay here because it’s warm.)

Work #ootd and journal 😊 #travelersnotebook #midori #twsbieco

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It’s back to work for me now. I wonder what I’ll add to my journal today?

(Jared suggested that I put a drawing or sketch of Sebastian Castro on the cover page of one of the inserts, because he’s very significant to our relationship LOL. Maybe I actually will.)

How about you? What are your journaling essentials for today? 😀

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