My ink stash at the office

Just before leaving the office today I decided to take a picture of the inks I keep there. ☺️

The inks in the picture (below) are mostly samples from Goulet Pens which were given to me by a very kind member of the Fountain Pen Network, Daisy. Not her real name, I suppose.

My office ink stash!

We haven’t met in person ever — she lives in the USA whereas I’m in the Philippines. I never knew her real name, either (it wasn’t on the package she sent me five years ago). I actually feel quite ashamed of myself now that I think of how long it’s been since she and I last corresponded. I wonder — how is she now? What keeps her busy these days? Why did she give me all that stuff?

I guess I was never meant to find out. 😛

Before I close, I’d like to share my current EDC fountain pens:

My current EDC fountain pens: Pilot Decimo and TWSBI Eco
My current EDC fountain pens: Pilot Decimo and TWSBI Eco

Lately I’ve been carrying two pens in my bag on an everyday basis: my new Pilot Decimo and a white TWSBI Eco (which was one of the first pens I bought with my salary from work). I haven’t used the Eco for some time, though, as I’ve been loving my Decimo too much! So when I took out the Eco today for a test run, I noticed a funky smell coming from the section as well as inside the cap — which I describe as like a water-drenched towel that had been stashed away in a bag or airless cupboard for days on end. Even the act of recalling the smell makes me want to cringe, so I guess that means I’m going to have to wash (and thoroughly dry) my Eco again.

I also keep another set of fountain pens (mostly “starters”) in one of the office cupboards, and they’ve proven to be quite useful for the occasional moment clumsy me leaves her pens at home. I’ll be saving that for a different post, though. 😉

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2 thoughts on “My ink stash at the office

  1. hi Cza,
    I am a crazy lamy fan and collecting lamy pens resently.
    and I saw you in the FPN.
    your lamy pens did such a amazing collection.
    I saw you have a lamy safari demostrator..that I am seeking a long time.
    would you kindly consider selling it?
    if it is convenient for you to show me some pics?

    warmly regards

    1. Hello there! Are you referring to the Lamy Vista? I’m afraid I’ve already sold that one a long time ago. However, what I am considering selling is a 2008 limited edition Lime Green Lamy Safari. I’m not so sure about this yet, but I will get back to you should I push through with that sale.

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