Pen Review: Pink Platinum Plaisir

The pink Platinum Plaisir I ordered from Scribe last week finally arrived last Saturday. Since then it’s been sitting around in its packaging, and I believe it deserves a review. 😀

I’m keeping things light again, in contrast to the acrimony of the previous post. (For those who were curious: I wrote a commentary of a pop song as a reflection of popular music, in relation to society). Jared’s head still aches thinking about the issue, being the INFJ that he is, so I thought I’d divert a little from that topic (think of it as resuming regular programming, lol). This blog was intended to be a lifestyle / craft-addiction / pens / journals / everyday life as a #HemoGirlfriend thing, after all.

As a scatter-brained ENFP, I find moving along rather easy to do. 😛


Pink Platinum Plaisir: First Impressions


  • Lovely, lovely packaging
  • Pen color is super cute
  • Kudos to Scribe for finding a way to get this pen to me! (Context: As an implication of Jared’s accident, we were physically unable to visit the Scribe branch where I heard this pen was being sold. So I contacted Scribe, explained my situation, and asked if I could order the pen online. Just imagine how thrilled I was when they said they could make it available on the online store!)

Not-so-pros (but not exactly a con either, just something worth mentioning)

  • The pen came with a few scratches on the cover top and bottom (impossible to show it in photos without a macro lens on hand, so I suppose they’re that insignificant). Just what you would expect from normal use I guess. (Note to self: Take your pens out of the packaging as soon as you get them; do not procrastinate on reviewing them!)


  • Very, very lightweight
  • A bit slippery to hold
  • Probably should not be posted.

Nib (I got an F nib)

  • Hard as a nail
  • Smooth (on my Midori TN – MD paper)
  • Occasionally a hard starter, but maybe that’s just because ink hasn’t saturated the feed yet.

Test Drive

When I first read reviews about the Plaisir, the common impression was that Plaisirs were “upgraded Platinum Preppy’s.” (Now, I’ve never tried a Preppy in my whole life, so I wouldn’t know myself. I’ve seen them in pictures, though, and they look like commonplace, everyday gel pens.) Admittedly, I got this pink Plaisir because I thought its color was cute.

Mine has a fine nib (0.3mm) which writes a very similarly to my TWSBI Eco fine. Honestly, the Plaisir is smoother in terms of feel.

It has a transparent window on the section, which reminds me somewhat of cheap office-supply rollerball pens. The window lets you see the feed. Initially, in my notebook, I called it an ink window, but on second thought it really isn’t one because you can’t monitor the ink through it. I feel like it’s more of an aesthetic thing (than something of practical use).

I was honestly pleased when I saw that the nib’s color no longer matches the body, as many past reviewers said it did. They warned that the color would tarnish eventually, that before I opened this pen, I was actually bracing for the same outcome. (I’m a bit of a perfectionist, and I find that it somehow helps if I pre-empt myself of things that could happen.) I wouldn’t like the look of a tarnished colored nib. Thankfully, this pen comes with a shiny silver nib. I love it!

The cap is super tight and Platinum claims this cap design allows ink to be stored in the pen for over 30 days without drying. My only gripe with this is how tight the seal is. On my first attempt to uncap the pen, I only succeeded at unscrewing its barrel from its section. It didn’t help that the pen had such a slippery finish. I have to grip the pen so tightly in my hand, but because its aluminum material is so lightweight, I fear that I may dent it completely in my hands grabbing on to it.


Overall, I think the Platinum Plaisir is a decent pen for everyday use. It writes smoothly, it’s cheap (compared to other pens). I do agree with other reviewers, though, who say that if you want a sturdy pen at this price point, go for the Pilot Metropolitan. This pen looks fancy, but it shines for its looks, not so much for its durability. That being said, I wouldn’t personally use it everyday.

I can’t speak for all pink lovers out there, but I personally find the shade cute. It’s a baby-pink hue, perfect if you’re into pastels. (Oh, and I just have to say, I love the alliteration that comes out when I mouth the words “pink Platinum Plaisir” lol.)

Just a small warning that this pen is slippery AF so you’ll need to have extra grippy hands to hold it (and especially to uncap it, because its air-tight seal is the definition of tight). I get extra sweaty hands sometimes (hyperhidrosis?), so good luck to me when that time comes.

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